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Timebanking: Coming Soon To A Region Near You

The NSW Government has commissioned the Hunter Volunteer Centre to trial Timebanking in Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Hunter Valley. A second trial is being run by Volunteering Central Coast in that region.

Timebanking operates on the basis of hour for hour and everyone's time is of equal value. In other words, if you give an hour of your time as a volunteer to your community, you can receive an hour's worth of Timebanking credit in return.

To participate in the program, it is required to log on to the website and agree to assist other members of the community who have registered requests for assistance. The website allows individuals to match their skills and desire to participate in the community with specific community needs.

The trial will build new relationships of trust and support in local communities. It will mobilise individuals and regions to support their neighbourhood and provide resources to develop new enterprises.

These new relationships will increase social capital as well as community resilience to natural disasters, improve social inclusion and provide opportunities for all to participate.

This trial will introduce Timebanking on a large scale for the first time in Australia and we will notify you of the timebanking website once it is up and running.

For further information, please contact