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International Volunteer Day

Hunter Volunteer Centre (HVC) would like to take the International Volunteer Day to thank the 120,000 people in the region who contribute their time and skills to build a better community.

"The Hunter region volunteers and organisations are renowned for their level of commitment to initiatives that address the most diverse issues. This year has shown a great adherence to events such as volunteer awards ceremonies, the forum for volunteer rights and also to projects aiming to increase recognition, including Timebanking", said the Executive Officer of HVC, Tony Ross.

Some figures illustrate the region's involvement in volunteering: there were 1,350 face-to-face volunteer interviews conducted at HVC - resulting in 1,300 people being referred to community based organisations. In addition, 400 roles have been advertised online, all sorts of guidance have been provided throughout over 2,000 telephone calls as well as our presence has reached 2,500 students at schools and faculties across the region.

If you are interested in - or committed to - volunteering, watch this website for updates on roles and the not-for-profit sector. Alternatively, call (02) 4940 0077 for more information.