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Pathways to Employment Presenters Needed

Hunter Volunteer Centre is proud to offer the Job Services and Job Services clients a unique program of workshops called "Volunteering: a Pathway Toward Employment".
The aim of the workshop is to provide Job Services clients, support in their preparation in gaining employment through volunteering work. This would achieve an Outcome whereby Job Services clients have a better understanding of volunteering and the role volunteering plays as it relates to gaining employment.

Role Title: Facilitators
Work Team: Pathway to employment
Supervisor: Program Manager
Role Commitment: as agreed
Times/Day: To be negotiated

Purpose of Role: To present the" Volunteering: a Pathway towards Employment" to job seekers with in the hunter. To offer a high quality, friendly, interactive and motivating presentation about the options and diversity volunteering can off the job seeker. All team members will be required to work together in a cooperative spirit to achieve and maintain this level of service.

Key Responsibilities:
- Treat job seekers with respect and dignity..

- Present the "Volunteering: A Pathway towards Employment" package to up to 15 Job Seekers, provided by the Job networks.

- Enter all data in data base according to procedure.

- Attend regular meetings to debrief and evaluate the project.

- Support the team members by sharing information, been as flexible as possible for the roster and keeping your supervisor informed of changes to your availability.

- .Adhere to all Policies and Procedure of the Hunter Volunteer Centre including OH&S, safe work practices and confidentiality.

- Promote the vision, values and philosophy of Hunter Volunteer Centre Inc.

Skills Required for this Role:

- Basic computer skills in using a power point presentation and caring out data entry, or a willingness and confidence to learn.
- An ability to communicate easily with job seekers and team members - a good listener.
- Good presentation skills and an ability to motivate job seekers to interact during the presentation.
- Enjoys meeting and helping a wide range of people.
- Be positive, happy, reliable and of a non-judgmental character.
- Good record keeping skills

Benefits of the Role for Volunteers:

- The satisfaction of helping other people in the community.
- Supporting and assisting job seekers.
- Gaining competency in presentation skills.
- A reference is provided after three months, if requested

Training Provided for the Role:

- Orientation into the organisation, including OH&S.
- Familiarisation to the "Volunteering: A Pathway toward Employment" package.
- Ongoing training to improve and maintain skills
- HVC Database Training

Special Requirements for this Role:

- Commitment to the Philosophy of the Hunter Volunteer Centre
- Willingness to attend debriefing and staff development days throughout the year
- Willingness to advise HVC if unable to attend the Centre.
- Willingness to attend staff meetings

Terms of Engagement:
This Role is on a voluntary basis with a three month trial period. An informal meeting will be held after one month, with an appraisal after the three month trial period.