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NSW Rural Fire Service Open Day

This Saturday, 25 September, 400 fire brigades throughout New South Wales will be opening its doors to the public experience the skills and services performed by more than 70,000 Rural Fire Service (RFS) volunteers.

There will be diverse recreational activities for people of all ages and giveaways for the kids while adults can gather more information about volunteering with the world's largest fire fighting agency.

The event will also allow people in the community to learn how best to prepare themselves for the upcoming fire season. Professionally trained men and women will be conducting demonstrations, assisting residents to complete their Bush
Fire Survival Plan and educating the community about the new-look Fire Danger Meter.

Everybody is welcome to watch and participate in activities, drills and demonstrations undertaken by local volunteers.

Visit the NSW RFS website and find the details of the local offices for more information on the event.