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International Year of Volunteers +10

A Special Invitation

Come and join Hunter Volunteer Centre in partnership with the Volunteer Centre Network NSW in celebrating the tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers.

In 2001 we first celebrated this world effort to reinvigorate the spirit of volunteering and ten years on our celebration theme for this year is: Inspiring the Volunteer in You!

The Hunter has a long and rich history in volunteering when it comes to building community and social inclusion. Much of this history can be depicted in photographs and personal experience.

In keeping with the spirit of the tenth year, HVC would like you to celebrate with us in a way only the Hunter can - with an exhibition that graphically shows our communities vibrancy in photographs and stories illustrating the history of volunteering in your community.

10,000 photographs - 10,000 stories. A Hunter Image

Not just one exhibition, but an exhibition in each regional centre. An exhibition where local people can see, read and share their experiences in their own communities.

With a population of over five hundred thousand people, 10,000 photographs and 10,000 stories is the tip on the Ice-burg.

HVC is asking you to send or email your photograph and/or story to us, so we can assemble a series of presentations to tour the Hunter - recognising volunteers of the past and present and inspiring volunteers of the future.