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Fair Work Australia orders Pay increase to community sector workers.

Hunter Volunteer Centre welcomes the recent announcement by Fair Work Australia to grant wage increases to employees in the community sector.

For many years workers in the Community sector have been praised for their commitment and contributions to building a stronger and healthier Australian society.

It was unfortunate that this accolade did not transition to equity in the remuneration sphere when compared to similar work conducted within the Public sector or other fields of endeavour within the Australian workforce

Now with the announcement by Fair Work Australia to return a sense of balance and fairness to those 150,000 workers within the sector offers much relief to those workers and their families when the cost of living and household pressures, are increasing.

While HVC applauds the wage increases, we also recognised the need to have a common sense approach to the phase-in period given the 19 to 42 per cent; increases awarded. The last thing the sector needs is a run on community organisations financial viabilities, a review of staffing numbers and/or a re-structure of service delivery efficiency measured to accommodate the wage increases.

The 8 year full phase-in timeframe offers all stakeholders and funding partners the opportunity to consider and make the appropriate adjustments to funding or budgetary allocations.

With this decision, the sector is better positioned to retain its skilled and experienced workers within and is better placed to attract new workers to the community/caring sector.

Tony Ross
Hunter Volunteer Centre