Hunter Volunteer Centre


If you are currently in receipt of a Centrelink benefit/allowance you should be aware of some guidelines in relation to volunteering. It is important that you contact your local Centrelink office to determine your eligibility for a Centrelink program before you start volunteering.

Please feel free to use our role search engine to get an idea of the specific kinds of volunteering opportunities available which match your interests.

Volunteer Work without Centrelink Approval

The easiest way to do volunteer work is to keep the number of hours spent on volunteer work each week under the maximum number of hours allowed by Centrelink, and continue to look for paid work.

This type of volunteer work does not need to be approved by Centrelink, but a person must still look for paid work and continue to lodge Centrelink forms.

Approved Voluntary Work - Voluntary Work Initiative

The Voluntary Work Initiative is a program whereby a person can do a set number of volunteer work hours each fortnight for an approved Community Not for Profit Organisation instead of looking for paid work.

Availability is dependent on your age group and length of registration with Centrelink. You will need to check with your local Centrelink office to determine your eligibility for the program. Once you have done this, please contact Hunter Volunteer Centre.

Approved Voluntary Work - Mutual Obligations

People in receipt of Youth Allowance or Newstart may also choose volunteer work as a means of participating in the mutual obligations initiative. Volunteer work as part of the mutual obligation initiative applies to people between specific ages.

For more information about mutual obligation guidelines, please contact your local Centrelink office.