Hunter Volunteer Centre

How To Volunteer

People volunteer for a vast number of reasons. Whatever your motives, the wide variety of available volunteering opportunities can usually satisfy them.

Bridge To Volunteering

If you are interested in becomming a volunteer, we run a free information session called "Bridge To Volunteering" each Tuesday between 11am - 12pm which explains your rights and responsibilities as a volunteer. Attending the information session is not compulsory, however, we'd like to encourage you to come along and learn more about becomming a volunteer.

After the information session, you'll have the oppourtunity to make an appointment to speak with one of our trained volunteer interviewers who will help match you with a suitable volunteer position.

No appointment is required to attend the information session.


Before we are able to place you with a suitable volunteer position, you'll need to register with us by completing an online registration form. We will then phone you to arrange an interview with one of our volunteer interviewers.

Alternatively, you can call us on (02) 4929 4424 to make an appointment for an interview.

At Your Interview

At your interview we will ask you questions about your interests, your skills, and the activities you enjoy. This will help us match you with organisations that need your help.

Once you decide on the organisation you would like to volunteer with, we will telephone them and organise an interview for you with that organisation's manager or volunteer coordinator. We will then provide you with an introduction form detailing your contact, their address, and phone number.

Ultimately, it is up to both you and the organisation to decide if you are suitable to each other.