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Configuring the Add New Role Page

When accessing the Add New Role page for the first time you will be presented with a page layout similar to that shown in the below image. To simplify the task of adding roles it is recommended the layout of the page be customised.

add roles page

1. Screen Options

Click on the screen Screen Options tab in the top right corner to open Screen Elements shown below. Select, or deselect, check boxes so only the options for Volunteer Roles, Excerpt, Categories and Tags are selected. Under layout select the 1 column radio button. Select the Enable full-height editor and distraction-free functionality checkbox under Additional settings.

add roles screen options

2. Arrange Page Elements

After completing step 1 you should now be presented with a screen similar to that shown in the below image. Close the Screen Options tab.

Scroll to locate the boxes for Excerpt, Categories and Tags; they are likely towards the bottom of the page. Move each box towards the top of the page by left clicking on the box heading, the cursor should change to a four arrow icon, and then dragging the box. After dragging each box to the top of the page you should be presented with a screen similar to that in the second image below.

screen options for add roles page
configure add roles page
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