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Urgent Volunteer Roles

1. Adding a Role as Urgent

Volunteer Roles that will be listed as Urgent need to have the Category Urgent selected. When creating, or editing, the volunteer role scroll through the categories section and select Urgent as shown below. When the Urgent category is selected the Volunteer Role will then appear in the search results on the Urgent Volunteer Roles page and in the Urgent Volunteer Roles carousel on the home page.

adding a volunteer role as urgent

2. Removing a Role from Urgent

To remove a volunteer role from being urgent, navigate to Current Roles and hover over the required Volunteer Role to display the options Edit, Quick, Trash, and View. Select Edit to display the Edit Role screen below, scroll to Categories, and deselect Urgent. The Volunteer Role then needs to be updated by selecting the blue Update button in the Publish section for the change to take affect.

removing an urgent volunteer role
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