19 May, 2023

Further to our announcement in April this year about the Hunter Volunteer Centre ceasing its services, we have some extremely positive news to share with you.

After careful deliberation, The Board of Hunter Volunteer Centre has settled on a plan of restructuring for the organisation.  This has cleared the way to continue to provide a range of services to increase volunteer participation rates and support the growth and vibrancy of our region’s community organisations.

As you can imagine, we are very happy to have disruptive times behind us. We look forward to future activities, including the resumption of booking interviews with prospective volunteers and continuing our referral processes to our member organisations.

We know that people use volunteering as a pathway towards employment, transitioning to retirement, supplementing their studies, and immersing themselves in the Australian community as they settle into the Australian way of life. Our volunteers come from a range of backgrounds, with diverse life experiences as well as people and technological skills. Many of our applicants report that using only an online service leaves them with some uncertainty as to the next steps and outcomes; therefore, we are very happy that we can continue serving our community with our place-based face-to-face referral services.

At this time, we would like to thank the staff of the HVC for their ongoing loyalty and commitment to delivering our services over recent, very difficult times.

As part of the restructuring of HVC, we will sadly see our Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Ross, no longer leading the team beyond the end of this financial year. Tony has made an invaluable and lasting contribution to HVC for the past 16-plus years.  We wish Tony the very best in his future endeavours, whatever and wherever they are.

During the past 2-3 months we were heartened by the amazing outpouring of support from our region’s community organisations and volunteers, many of whom began their volunteering with the HVC’s services. We look forward to supporting existing and new volunteers.  The HVC continues as before to be committed to building a stronger, more resilient, inclusive and welcoming Hunter Region.

From the Team at the Hunter Volunteer Centre.

To Inspire Volunteering