Mental Health in the workplace and tips for the employer

25 January, 2023

So how can we help those with a mental illness to keep a career, when their illness is already a fulltime job?

Manage stress

  • take breaks often and regularly
  • use relaxation techniques
  • talk to your support network
  • take time off for therapy and counselling

Probation period

During the onboarding process, create an environment where the new employee feels comfortably acclimated to the workplace.

Pair with a mentor

A strategy to pair an employee with a mentor can start at the onboarding process.  Its a good way to help new employees feel welcomed and know they have someone to turn to.

Schedule employee performance reviews

Employee performance reviews are a great way for employees to grow into their roles.  Meet periodically to discuss their strengths, weaknesses and career goals.

Show your appreciation

When employees feel their efforts are noticed, they are more likely to continue to work hard and stay with the company.

Encourage a work-life balance

A healthy work life balance is when employees can effectively manage their work and home lives and feel like they have enough time and energy for both.  Allow employes to make up time if they need to leave for appointments or to come in late.

Offer professional development opportunities

Helping employees meet their professional goals may influence them to stay with the company because they see it as a place with many opportunities.  You can help them by spending time coaching and mentoring team members.

Provide competitive compensation and benefits

Reward your employees with adequate compensation and benefits when you can.

Implement team building activities

When employees feel more connected to one another, they can look to each other for support and guidance, inspiring them to stay with your company longer.

Keep communication lines open

Maintaining open door policy lets employees know they can come to managers with ideas, questions and concerns at any time.  That feeling of belonging and being heard can go a long way toward retaining employees.